California Highway Patrol Reports Increase in DUI Arrests

The California Highway Patrol arrested more numbers of persons for DUI over the Fourth Of July weekend this year, compared to last year.

According to statistics, statewide, the California Highway Patrol arrested 803 people for DUI across California, between July 3 and July 5. However, in 2014 during the same period of time, the California Highway Patrol officers had made 747 arrests for DUI.

However, San Diego County saw fewer numbers of DUI arrests this year compared to last year. This year, 47 persons were arrested for DUI in San Diego County, while California Highway Patrol Officers arrested 48% for DUI in San Diego County during the same time last year. The numbers were also down in Orange County where the California Highway Patrol arrested 59 motorists driving under the influence of alcohol last year. This year, the number of arrests was 55.

Over the next few weeks, as summer driving intensifies, you are likely to see more numbers of law enforcement officers across California. There are likely to be more numbers of sobriety checkpoints, and officers will be looking out for persons violating traffic rules, and committing traffic infractions to pull them over. If you are pulled over by an officer, because you were speeding, weaving between lanes, driving too slowly, or for any other traffic infraction, don't be surprised if he asks you to step outside for the sobriety test. You may be pulled over for something even as innocuous as a broken tail light, and may find that you are arrested for DUI soon after.

Avoid driving after you have had a couple of beverages. There are ride sharing apps and tax services available in California, and there is no reason for you to be driving under the influence of alcohol.