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If you depend on your driver's license for your livelihood, your education, and to help your children and other family members go about their daily activities, you need DUI attorneys who can fight to help you keep your driving privileges. If your age or health or a recent arrest has given authorities cause to question your driving privileges, our Pasadena DUI lawyers at Hutton & Khalaf know how to help you keep your driver’s license and retain your freedom.

A driver's license suspension is not necessarily inevitable. We are recognized as one of the Los Angeles region's premier law firms for helping people avoid a driver's license suspension or seek a provisional driver’s license if a situation calls for it.

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Reasons for Driver’s License Suspension

Are you facing any of the following concerns about a general driver's license suspension?

  • Medical hearing
  • DMV hearing for a DUI suspension
  • Excessive traffic violations against your driving record
  • Demonstrated lack of driving skill, negligent operator

We offer aggressive representation aimed at helping you keep your driver’s license. In cases where suspension is inevitable, or required by law, we can often help you obtain a provisional driver’s license, which may allow you to continue driving in certain situations. There is no need to simply accept the DMV's decision. Your rights can be asserted and we can help. We offer free and no-obligation consultations to discuss your legal challenges.

How Can a Pasadena Traffic Lawyer Help?

A driver's license attorney plays a crucial role in navigating the complexities of driver's license suspension cases. They are well-versed in tracking and challenging the validity of suspension reasons, advocating for their clients' rights throughout the process. They understand the significant repercussions a suspension can have on your life – for instance, affecting your employment or family commitments – and thus fight diligently to protect your driving privileges.

Services Offered by Driver's License Suspension Lawyers:

  • Provisional license applications: Assists clients in applying for temporary or "hardship" licenses that permit limited driving privileges under certain conditions during the suspension period.
  • DMV hearing representation: Represents clients during DMV hearings, presenting evidence and arguing the case to prevent license suspension.
  • License reinstatement guidance: Offers advice and assistance in meeting requirements for reinstating a suspended or revoked license.
  • Legal defense in court: Provides robust legal defense for clients charged with driving offenses that may lead to license suspension.
  • Negotiation with authorities: Works to negotiate with local DMV offices or law enforcement, aiming to reduce or eliminate suspension periods.
  • Monitoring driving records: Helps clients manage and improve their driving records, which can influence future licensing decisions.
  • Understanding complex legal rules: Assists clients in understanding the intricate rules and regulations surrounding driver's license suspensions, guiding them through the process.

Put 65+ Years on Your Side

We have more than 65 years of combined experience in fighting to defend the rights of drivers in the Los Angeles area. We have been involved in hundreds of DMV and administrative hearings in all types of driver’s license revocation and suspension cases. Don't give up hope to retain your right to drive.

Contact us today to find out how we can help. No matter how challenging your situation may be, we have the experience, resources, and legal skill to offer the guidance you need.

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