Prevent DUI Involving your Guests

Many DUI arrests every year involve persons who consumed alcohol at a party or a social gathering. Be a responsible host, and reduce the risks of your friends and loved ones being arrested for DUI, by taking a few precautions when you're hosting a party.

A good host not only makes sure that a person gets to enjoy themselves at a party, but also makes sure that they get home safely without the risk of a DUI arrest. When persons RSVP, confirm whether they have made plans to get home safely. Ask them if they have hired a designated driver for the evening, or if they have made arrangements for any kind of taxi service or rideshare service.

Offer plenty of nonalcoholic options. Sometimes, guests like designated drivers, may intend to remain sober, but may not be able to do so because of the non-availability of any nonalcoholic drinks.

Be a responsible host, and don't push everyone to drink all the time. Balance your drinks with plenty of food, so that there is a lower risk of intoxication.

If there are persons below the age of 18 at your party, be a responsible host, and don't offer them any alcoholic drinks. Also don't allow minors to serve alcohol on your premises.

Make arrangements for intoxicated guests to stay overnight at your place. If that is not possible, make arrangements for them to get home safely, if they haven't already done so. Get a sober guest to drive an intoxicated guest home, use rideshare apps or call a taxi service to pick up an intoxicated guest.

Remember, your party shouldn't become a bad memory for guests, as the place where they had too much to drink, and got arrested for DUI shortly after.