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If you have been arrested for suspicion of boating under the influence in Southern California, call our Los Angeles BUI attorneys at Hutton & Khalaf for a skilled defense of your rights. California Harbors and Navigation Code 655(b) makes operating a boat, Jet Ski, water ski, or other watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs a crime. As in the case of driving under the influence, if you have been arrested for boating under the influence, you must have attorneys on your side who have the experience and resources to defend your rights.

At Hutton & Khalaf, we are highly experienced criminal defense attorneys who defend clients accused of alcohol and drug-related crimes. We are not DUI "specialists" who push people through the justice system as quickly as possible. Instead, we are criminal defense lawyers who apply decades of experience to fight for our clients' rights. You must defend your reputation, your livelihood, your driver's license and your freedom. Hire a Pasadena BUI attorney who knows how to get results.

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While DUI is much more common in California, the Pacific Ocean, rivers, and lakes offer the opportunity for water recreation to millions of people throughout the state. Especially during the summer and holidays, countless people take advantage of fun with their watercraft. If you have been arrested for suspicion of BUI in California, your fun was probably cut short. In addition to the embarrassment and loss of recreation time, if you are convicted, you also face:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Hours of community service
  • Alcohol awareness courses
  • A criminal record that can influence your educational and professional opportunities

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Minimize your risk of conviction on a BUI charge. We may be able to show that you were illegally stopped. We may able to show that you were not under the influence at the time of the alleged infraction. Our resources allow us to have your blood independently tested. We also have the resources to conduct an analysis of every detail of your case and find flaws in the prosecutor's case against you. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Our attorneys are Certified Criminal Law Specialists and we have demonstrated that we are particularly knowledgeable, skilled, and successful in this area of the law. We have defended clients against the most serious criminal charges and, for the last several years, have focused much of their attention on DUI and BUI defense.

Call now for a free consultation with attorneys who are prepared for cases involving fatalities, serious accidents, and injuries. Law enforcement may be aggressive in their investigation. We will be more aggressive in the defense of your rights.

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    “Just received a call from Mr. Wilson's office asking where to mail the $16,000 check they held in a custodian account in the event we went to trial. They could have kept every penny of that and it still would have been worth it to us.”

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