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By calling our Pasadena felony DUI defense attorneys at Hutton & Khalaf, you may be able to dramatically reduce your risk of conviction. If you are convicted of felony DUI in California, you face devastating penalties. We have more than 65 years of experience in the most serious criminal cases including those involving felony drunk-driving charges.

We represent clients charged with misdemeanor DUI but our expertise is particularly apparent in the most serious cases. When a felony is involved, you are encouraged to let us handle your defense. There is a reason why we are well-known throughout the California legal community: We know how to get results in the most serious cases.

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What is a Felony DUI in California?

Under California law, a felony DUI is punishable with a minimum of sixteen months in state prison and a loss of driving privileges for five years. A driver can be charged with felony DUI if:

  • It is the fourth offense within a 10-year period
  • Any prior felony DUI convictions
  • Your DUI caused death/serious injuries

Hutton & Khalaf is recognized as one of the L.A. region's premier defense firms and can represent drivers charged with:

We also represent clients charged with other serious crimes such as murder, drug-related charges, and others. Our experience in these serious legal matters makes us particularly well-equipped for the most serious drunk-driving defense.

How Long Does a Felony DUI Stay on Your Record in California?

A California DUI stays on your driving record for 10 years for a misdemeanor or a felony – and it will stay on your criminal record permanently. Each record serves various purposes when it comes to the effects of a DUI on your life.

Is a Felony DUI a Strike in California?

A felony DUI is a strike in California. An aggravated DUI crime, and DUI offenses that cause severe physical injury or death to someone else are also considered to be strikes. So a felony DUI, dui offenses that cause physical injury or death counts as a strike under California’s Three Strikes Law.

Does a Felony DUI Ever Go Away?

The only way to get rid of a felony record is to have it expunged, which means erasing the record like it never occurred.


The Defense You Deserve
  • Richard  Hutton Photo
    Richard Hutton


    I am Attorney Richard A. Hutton. I have dedicated most of my legal career to representing accused individuals. As a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, I possess the expert knowledge to tackle even the most challenging kinds of cases. In fact, I have tried more than 500 jury trials!
  • Mark  Khalaf Photo
    Mark Khalaf


    Mark K. Khalaf has been practicing law for close to 20 years. During his legal career, he has worked for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and as a reserve deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department where he learned valuable information about how law enforcement officers conduct stops, write reports, prepare for testimony and build a case against a defendant. This experience has been invaluable for Mr. Khalaf in defending DUIs and has helped him obtain tremendous results for his clients.
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How Can a Defense Lawyer Help You?

If it will serve your best long-term interests, we will do everything possible to get you into the sobriety program you need if you show that you are sincere about getting sober. This is often the best legal strategy for many of our clients. It is not the only legal strategy we have for your best interests, however.

"Felony DUI defense requires extensive courtroom experience. We are not a DUI mill. We thoroughly investigate the evidence and aggressively prepare your case to win in court. When the prosecutor sees we are serious about winning, he or she is often willing to find a settlement that works for everyone." — Attorney Robert Wilson

Hutton & Khalaf is Here for You

We may be able to question the evidence presented against you and have your case dismissed. Or, we may look into your prior arrests to determine if any of them should be reduced or not counted against you. This may reduce the number of DUIs for which you have been convicted and significantly reduce the penalties you may face.

Throughout the entire legal process, including the DMV administrative process, we will clearly communicate with you and provide a rigorous defense of your rights. Thousands of people throughout Los Angeles have benefited from our approach to the law.

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  • My end result far exceeded my expectations!

    “When I hired Rich Hutton after countless recommendations, the first thing he told me to do was to just go live my life and leave the worrying to him.”

    - David S.
  • Their ability to exercise tacit concern, emotional intelligence, and patience was an essential factor.

    “Just received a call from Mr. Wilson's office asking where to mail the $16,000 check they held in a custodian account in the event we went to trial. They could have kept every penny of that and it still would have been worth it to us.”

    - B & G
  • I was acquitted and it was as though a thousand pounds had been lifted from my shoulders.

    “They handled every detail. I highly recommend the Hutton & Khalaf law firm to everyone.”

    - TJ J.
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    “Staff is wonderful and always gets back to my phone calls and emails within a timely manner.”

    - Courtney A.

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  • Not Guilty- Both counts Gross Vehicular Manslaughter (Intoxicated)
  • Not Guilty DUI Murder
  • Murder Dismissed - probation granted on neglig DUI Murder
  • Not Guilty Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Not Guilty Gross Vehicular Manslaughter (Intoxicated)

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