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At Hutton & Khalaf, our DUI defense lawyers are on your side if you have been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California. If you fear losing your driver’s license, if you have a professional reputation to maintain and you must aggressively fight the drunk driving case, you are especially advised to call our firm. We have the resources to represent you anywhere in Los Angeles County.

  • Experience On Your Side

    Let Us Fight For You

    We have a long history of protecting our clients' reputations and we have our own reputation for success with DUI defense. We know how to protect your rights, your privacy and your image. And our Pasadena DUI defense attorneys know how to defend your freedom in even the most serious criminal cases including felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter and even DUI murder. But even for a first time DUI, we bring the same level of commitment to the defense of our clients' rights.

  • Benefits

    By Hiring Our Firm You Benefit From:

    • Skilled counsel to keep your driver’s license
    • Strategies to help avoid massive fines and significant jail time
    • Criminal Defense Specialists for the most serious DUI charges
    • Understanding the importance of confidentiality and privacy
    Hutton & Khalaf has the ability and the experience to get results in the highest-stakes criminal defense cases. For the last several decades, we have been the law firm that people, including high-profile individuals, contact for DUI defense and other criminal defense matters throughout Los Angeles. Our reputation is built upon our success.

  • Understand Your Multiple Options

    You Have Options

    When charged with DUI or driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) in California, you have many options. You can call a gigantic law firm that floods the airwaves with advertising and treats clients like a number. You can accept a bad plea deal. You can beg for the mercy of the court, or you can try to defend yourself without the assistance of a lawyer. Hutton & Khalaf has other suggestions. Our Pasadena DUI defense lawyers have represented thousands of clients. Because of our extensive experience, we have many options for your defense. We can reach a settlement before trial, plea to a lesser charge such as a non-alcohol related reckless driving charge or a speed charge, or seek to get your original DUI charges dismissed by meticulously analyzing the evidence involved. Without a lawyer on your side, you may be unaware of all the options you have.

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We will present you with an honest assessment of your circumstances to help you determine your best course of action. We will explain the arraignment and hearing process, represent you at the driver's license suspension hearing, and help you at every other step of the process. There is always a legal defense to help you avoid a conviction.

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