Why is Commercial DUI So Serious

In California (and many other states across the nation) DUI is treated very seriously, and carries some very real penalties. This is especially true for those who hold commercial driver’s licenses, as they are subject to a lower blood alcohol content threshold, and face far more severe consequences.

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What is Required for a Commercial DUI Arrest?

Regular Class C drivers will be considered to be driving under the influence if they have a BAC of .08% or higher, which many people can reach after just one drink. Those who hold Class A or Class B licenses, however, are considered to be driving under the influence with a BAC of just .04%. Furthermore, you can be arrested for DUI at this BAC threshold even if you are not actively driving a commercial vehicle, and are instead just in a regular car.

What Are the Consequences for Commercial DUI?

A typical person convicted of a first-time DUI in Los Angeles will face potential jail time, heavy fines, and a license suspension of 30 days to a few months, after which your license will be restricted. Commercial drivers will face similar penalties for a DUI conviction, except that their commercial license will be suspended for one year – no exceptions. For a second commercial DUI, your license will be permanently revoked.

Because commercial drivers rely on their license to earn income, the effects of a commercial DUI are extremely devastating. For bus drivers, big-rig drivers, and delivery drivers, a single mistake can cost you your job and your ability to work for a full year.

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