Goldilocks & the Three Los Angeles DUI Lawyers

In this blog, we take a lighthearted look at the factors you should consider when looking for a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney. To learn how we can help defend you against charges, call our firm today at (626) 587-2220.

The year is 2015, and Goldilocks is several decades removed from her run-in with the infamous bears. After leaving a dinner with her coworkers at the porridge factory, Goldilocks was pulled over and arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. She is once again trying to choose between three options, but this time there’s more on the line than just a bowl of cold oatmeal.

One Lawyer Was Too Busy

The first option Goldilocks looked at was a public defender. While they typically aren’t free like many people assume, the costs were lower than private representation. Before making the decision, however, Goldilocks did some research and discovered that public defenders handle an enormous caseload, and have nowhere near enough time or resources to mount a proper defense on her behalf. As a result, 90 - 95% of their clients end up pleading guilty, according to ACLU attorney Tanya Greene. Ultimately, Goldilocks realized that a public defender wasn’t the best option for her.

One Lawyer Was Too Inexperienced

The second lawyer Goldilocks researched was nice, friendly, and communicative. She promptly returned Goldilocks’ phone calls, seemed knowledgeable, and seemed to sincerely care about defending her rights. However, Goldilocks discovered that the attorney had zero trial experience, and had never handled a DUI case before! She knew that cross-examining police officers is often a big component of a high-quality DUI defense, and she also knew that cross-examination is a skill that requires practice, experience, and a high-degree of knowledge about DUI. Ultimately, she realized that hiring a lawyer with no trial experience simply wasn’t worth the risk.

One Firm Was Just Right

Since she started looking for a Los Angeles DUI attorney right after her arrest, Goldilocks had time to meet with several more law firms. However, her search stopped after her free consultation with Hutton & Wilson, L.A.’s premier legal defense team for DUI cases. She learned that our lawyers have handled more than 700 DUI and criminal trials, and have an impressive record of successful case results. Attorneys Hutton and Wilson are both Certified Criminal Law Specialists, a certification which makes them expertly qualified to take on even the most complex DUI cases. After discussing the details of her case with our attorneys, she felt that the decision to hire our firm was obvious.

Call Today for Aggressive Defense Against DUI Charges

While Goldilocks’ tale is fictional, many Los Angeles residents and visitors are arrested for DUI nearly every day. While we can’t guarantee any specific case results, we can promise that our Los Angeles DUI attorneys will work tirelessly to secure the best possible results on behalf of our clients. We’ve handled hundreds of DUI cases, and will put our knowledge to work for you when you retain our firm.

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