Increased Risk of DUI Arrests over Labor Day Weekend

Across Los Angeles County, motorists have plans to go out over the Labor Day weekend. However, know that you are at a higher risk of being arrested for DUI over this popular holiday.

The Avoid the 100 campaign, which includes the participation of a number of regional law enforcement agencies across California, is being implemented in full force ahead of the Labor Day weekend. The campaign includes a number of DUI checkpoints and patrols. The campaign went into effect several weeks before Labor Day, and has already resulted in more than 1,300 arrests for DUI in Los Angeles County alone.

As motorists, there is no excuse for you to get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol over the Labor Day weekend. With the higher numbers of checkpoints, your chances of being pulled over, and administered an alcohol test is much higher during this weekend. If you ignore those warnings and drive a car after having had a few alcoholic beverages, your chances of being arrested are significantly higher.

The Avoid the 100 campaign always usually kicks off around major holidays, including St. Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve. These are typically holidays when large quantities of alcohol ARE consumed. Motorists are at a high risk of being arrested for DUI around major holidays, not just because they are drinking more and driving under the influence of alcohol, but also because there are more numbers of police officers, who are specifically assigned to drunk motorists. Be a responsible driver, and avoid driving after consuming a few alcoholic beverages. Call a cab, or use a ridesharing self-service like Uber to get you safely home.