Alcohol More Likely to Cause Teen DUI Than Pot

American teenagers associate alcohol with drunk driving while they associate using pot with strained relationships with authority figures.

That doesn't necessarily mean that it is safe for a teenager to consume pot and drive a vehicle. However, it does seem to confirm that teenagers are much more aware of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, than they seem to be about DUI while stoned. That also seems to correspond with the accepted line of adult thinking. Many adults also believe that they are at a much higher risk of causing an accident or being arrested for DUI when they are driving under the influence of alcohol, than marijuana. There is still a lack of acceptance of the fact that marijuana can also impair a person's driving abilities, and that you can also be arrested for DUI after smoking marijuana. In California, you could be arrested for impaired driving after consuming pot.

According to the survey, marijuana use seems to be on the rise. In the study, more than 97% of the students, most of them 18 years of age, admitted that they had used alcohol. However, 60% admitted that they had used pot. Alcohol users were much more likely to report that they had engaged in what they called “regrettable behavior,” like drunk driving, or lowered emotional stability, compared to users of pot. Approximately 25% of teens who had used only alcohol, reported that alcohol caused them to behave in ways that they later regretted. In comparison, only 6% of the persons who had used marijuana, reported the same.