Senator Who Voted For Regulations against Taxi App Uber Arrested for DUI

Ride and taxi sharing apps like Uber play a prominent role in helping reduce the risk of DUI. The apps have caught on, and have become very popular for people who want to get a ride back home after consuming alcoholic beverages. However, the apps have come under the scrutiny of lawmakers who want stricter regulations on the use of such apps. Recently a California Senator, who voted for more stringent regulation on apps like Uber And Lyft, found himself arrested for DUI.

If the statistics by Uber are true, Senator Ben Hueso, Democratic lawmaker from San Diego could have avoided a DUI charge by using the app. Just before his DUI arrest, the senator had voted in favor of a new law that would regulate and limit the functionality of services like Uber in California. The new legislation imposes restrictions on drivers, that these ridesharing apps would let drive. It would require more intensive background checks for drivers, more screening, including drug testing as well a ban on drivers, who have a criminal record. Hueso had voted in favor of the legislation. He was arrested a few hours after his vote, with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher.

According to the statistics, the incidence of DUI in California cities, including Los Angeles has dropped dramatically since the app became available here. The app’s developers also say that the number of fatal drunk driving accidents has also dropped, since Uber became popular in the state.

There's no way of confirming yet if the statistics are indeed true, but Los Angeles DUI lawyers agree that ridesharing apps like Uber, can provide a way for persons who have been out partying to get home safe without the risk of a DUI, and without endangering their own lives and the safety of other motorists. The taxi sharing app can be used to locate a ridesharing service near you, and get home safely.