Ex-Murrieta Mayor Reelected after DUI Arrest

The former mayor of the city of Murrieta, who was forced to resign recently after being arrested for DUI, has been reelected to the City Council once again.

Last month, Mayor Alan Long was arrested after being involved in an accident that resulted in injuries. Formal charges were filed against him last week, and he now faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol causing bodily injury. The DUI accident resulted in injuries to four teenagers, and the injuries were serious enough to require treatment at the hospital. Some of the teenagers who were injured in the accident have already filed lawsuits against him. They blame Long for driving while intoxicated and crashing into their vehicle.

When officers responded to the scene of the accident, they found that Long was driving under the influence of alcohol. Investigations found that Long’s blood-alcohol concentration was .08 percent at the time of the accident. He resigned as mayor, expressing his concern for the well-being of the persons injured in the accident and also apologized for their injuries.

Long will be arraigned on December 11, and if he's convicted will be the ineligible to hold public office. However, that has not stopped the voters of Murrieta from voting him back into a City Council seat recently.

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