"No Hangover" Alcohol Pill Raises Questions about DUI

Scientists have announced that they are working on the development of an “alcohol pill” that would give users the buzz of relaxation that alcohol offers, without the hangover involved the next day.

The announcement was made by researchers at the Imperial College of London, who says that an alcohol substitute soon be a reality. Any such ingredient like this would actually give you the intoxicating effect of alcohol, allowing you to feel relaxed by targeting neurotransmitters in the brain.

Alcohol increases the functioning of the neurotransmitter system gamma-aminobutyric acid, thereby relaxing the person’s system.The researchers believe that another substance could be developed to mimic these properties, thereby relaxing the person, and mimicking the effect of alcohol. The researchers says they have already identified at least five compounds that can be used to replicate the same feelings of relaxation that result from the use of alcohol. These compounds are very much like Valium. The ingredient could also be consumed by using it ina drink, mimicking alcohol further. The researchers have been looking for an “alcohol-free” happy pill, at least since 2009.

The research group is now looking for funding to test how people would react using these compounds. However, experts are already cautioning against the development of any compounds that mimic the effect of alcohol, because of all the side effects and complications involved.

Los Angeles DUI lawyers are especially interested in what kind of effect an ingredient like this would have on a person’s system, and what would be the legal consequences if that relaxed and impaired state causes a DUI arrest.