YouTube DUI Confession Leads To 6 ½ Year Prison Sentence

The jury is out as to whether his DUI confession posted on YouTube was responsible for Matthew Cordle’s lower DUI sentence. However, Los Angeles DUI lawyers would unanimously agree that it is extremely risky and ill - thought out to post a confession on YouTube confessing to a felony DUI.

For those who are unfamiliar with the story, Matthew Cordle, a 22-year-old Ohio resident, recently posted a video confession on YouTube, confessing to having caused a fatal accident in June while driving under the influence of alcohol. In September, Cordle posted the confession which quickly became viral, and has now been viewed by millions of viewers. In the video, Matthew confesses to the accident, and begs people to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.

Just a few days after he posted the confession, he was arrested, and charged in the accident, in which a 61-year-old man was killed. Now, he has been sentenced to 6 ½ years in prison. He actually faced a maximum of 8 ½ years in prison. According to Cordle, when it comes to loss of life, there is really no fair sentencing.

It could be that his action in posting a confession that was publicly viewed, and clearly admitting his guilt in the accident was instrumental in the lower sentence. However, this was an extremely risky action, and it is quite obvious that the step was taken without the consultation of his lawyers. When you make a move in your case without consulting with your DUI lawyer, you may be at risk of complicating your case further.