No Radio Jock Mistrial after Allegations of Honey Trap DUI

A defamation lawsuit between 2 popular radio hosts should have remained just that, but San Jose DUI lawyers have found that the trial has been tinged by a possible and shady DUI setup. One of the attorneys, who represented one of the radio hosts in this lawsuit, alleges that he was trapped into a DUI arrest by a female staff member working for the opposing lawyer.

The case involves 2 radio talk show hosts Todd MJ Schnitt and Bubba “The Love Sponge” Clem over comments made by Clem against Schnitt and his wife. However, the judge was asked to declare a mistrial, after Schnitt’s attorney was recently arrested for DUI.

The lawyer, Charles Campbell was arrested for DUI, and had to spend the night in a local county jail. The lawyer alleges that he was trapped into the DUI arrest by a female member of Schnitt’s legal team.

Campbell now insists that the staff member, a female paralegal called Melissa Personius could possibly have gained access to some of the case-related documents in his briefcase that he left in her car, possibly giving Clem’s team an edge in the legal proceedings. Police have confirmed that a member of Clem’s legal defense firm contacted the police to arrest Campbell for DUI.

Personius has testified in court, and has claimed that she did not open the briefcase while it was in her car. She also frequently invoked her right to remain silent when she was asked about whether she had been sent by her firm to the bar.

According to Clem’s legal team, it is very likely that jurors were influenced by the publicity that was generated over Campbell’s DUI arrest. Therefore, Campbell moved the court to declare a mistrial. The judge has ruled that a mistrial would not be appropriate in this matter.