Court Date Set for Senator Charged with DUI

It's been an embarrassing few weeks for conservative US Senator Michael Crapo, who was arrested recently for DUI. A court has now set a date of January 4 to hear his case.

Senator Michael Crapo, Republican-Idaho was arrested for drunk driving earlier this month, after he was stopped by a police officer in the early hours of the weekend. His vehicle had run a red light, and police officers responding to the scene, administered a field sobriety test. The Senator failed the field sobriety test, and was arrested. According to the arresting officer, Crapo showed signs of intoxication including watery eyes and slurred speech. He was taken to jail, and released on an unsecured $1,000 bond.

According to police, the senator did not resist arrest, and did not refuse to take a blood-alcohol test. At the time of the arrest, Crapo was driving alone, and blood-alcohol tests revealed that his blood alcohol at the time of the incident was .11%.

San Jose DUI lawyers believe that Senator Crapo is likely to be penalized heavily if he's convicted of DUI. He was arrested in Virginia, a state which happens to have some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. Under the DUI laws of that state, a person who is driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or more will have his license suspended license for 7 days. If he's convicted of DUI, then he has to pay a mandatory minimum fine of $250, and lose his license for one year.

The arrest is especially embarrassing for Senator Crapo because he has claimed to be a teetotaler, and has said that he abstains from drinking alcohol. Crapo allegedly admitted to police that he had had 3 shots of vodka that night. That is not likely to go down well with voters in Idaho, which has a very high Mormon population. Mormonism prohibits consumption of alcohol.