Alcohol Is Most Abused Drug on Campus

According to new government data that was released by the federal administration, the most abused drug on college campuses across the country is not marijuana, but alcohol.

The data came from the US Department of Education, funded Core Alcohol and Drug Survey, and the statistics were released earlier this year. The data was collected between 2009 and 2011. According to the survey, as many as 81.8% of students across the country had consumed alcohol in the previous year, while 62% of underage students had consumed alcohol over the previous month. Close to 44% of the students reported binge drinking at least once over the previous week.

Alcohol is way ahead of other forms of commonly used drugs on campus, including marijuana and prescription drugs. Just under 10% of the students reported using marijuana over the previous 12 months, while 20% of the students reported using marijuana over the previous month.

Prescription drug abuse was fairly uncommon in colleges. About 43% of the students reported the use of prescription drugs like amphetamines in the previous month, and 1.8% reported using sedatives in the previous month.

What is even more worrying to Los Angeles DUI lawyers is that approximately 34.3% of the students nationwide reported some form of misconduct or trouble with the law, as a result of alcohol intake. The troubles with the law included being cited or arrested for driving under the influence. Many of the students, who drank alcohol, were also cited for fighting, assaults, and vandalism at least once over the previous 12 months as a result of their drinking.