There Is Nothing to LOL about Facebooking after DUI

It should be one of those rules that no Los Angeles DUI lawyer should have to warn anybody about, but there are far too many people taking to social networking sites like Facebook to post confessions about their behavior after driving under the influence.

Recently, a teenager in Oregon was arrested after he crashed into two cars while driving under the influence of alcohol. The teenager fled the scene of the accident, and police officers launched a search for the suspect. The teenager went right back home, and posted on his Facebook, page that he had been driving drunk, and also included an apology to the owner of the car that he had hit.

Obviously, that Facebook post led police officers right to his door, and he was arrested. An officer was alerted by a private Facebook message that he received from someone who knew that the police were looking for the drunk driver. When the police arrived at his home, they found signs of damage on his vehicle, and put two and two together.

This wasn't the first time that someone has done something really stupid after driving under the influence.

Last year, a woman in Kentucky crashed into a car while she was under the influence of alcohol, and fled the scene of the accident. She was arrested soon after, and was charged with leaving the scene of the accident, driving under the influence and other charges.

The matter would have ended there, but then she took to Facebook, bragging about her DUI, and LOL’ing about it. The parents of the 4 teenagers, who were in the car that was involved in the accident, were not laughing out loud however. They complained to the judge, who promptly sent the woman to jail for 2 days. She was also forced off Facebook.