Mothers with Drinking Problems Can Pass Their Habits onto Children

In many cases, San José DUI lawyers find that driving under the influence of alcohol tends to be the result of an alcohol-related problem. Excessive consumption of alcohol is very often linked to behaviors like DUI, which can get you into trouble with the law. A new study finds that children of mothers who have drinking problems are much more likely to develop alcohol-related problems during adulthood.

The study focused on a survey of 17,000 adults who are in their 30s. These people were asked a number of questions about their drinking habits like how often their parents drank when they were 16 years of age. Participants were asked to mark the answers as “always,” “often,” “sometimes” or “never.”

Upon analyzing the results, the surveyors found that teenagers, who admitted that their mothers always drank, were much more likely to report alcohol-related problems during adulthood. In fact, according to the survey, people who reported they were always drinking when they were 16 years of age were much more likely to report that they were now hazardous drinkers.

Often, parents do reach for a bottle in the evening to deal with some of the stresses of life. However, these parents may not realize that their children are observing such behavior, and are much more likely to emulate the same kind of practices as adults.

The study was conducted in the UK, where there is currently a raging debate on problems stemming from excessive drinking, especially among underage drinkers. The country is currently flirting with a proposal that would set a minimum price for alcohol per unit. The researchers say that the behavior of family members can do much more to avoid alcohol-related behaviors among loved ones than any fixed unit price of alcohol could do.