Pre-Drinking Increases Teen Risk of DUI

Underage DUI is a serious problem facing parents, colleges and Pasadena DUI lawyers. Teenagers are at a higher risk for a number of destructive alcohol-related practices like binge drinking that increase their risks of driving under the influence and being arrested for DUI.

However, there's another new practice that many teenagers are indulging in that also increases their risk of dangerous practices like driving under the influence. According to a new study by Swiss researchers, college-age students who drink a few alcoholic beverages before they head out to a sporting event, concert, party or any other event, are at a much higher risk for destructive behaviors that include DUI.

The research involved more than 250 students, and the results of the study have been published in the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research journal. The study found that when students drank a few alcoholic beverages before they headed out for the evening, they were much more likely to consume more alcohol overall. For instance, students who had a few beers before they headed out for a sporting event were likely to have consumed 7 drinks at the end of the evening, when students who avoided drinking were likely to have had 4 drinks.
“Pre-drinking” or “pre-partying” like this means that you have a much higher concentration of alcohol in your system, and are therefore at a much higher risk for a positive breathalyzer reading when you're pulled over by a police officer. Pre-drinking is linked to a much higher risk of driving under the influence, alcohol-related car accidents as well as a host of other destructive and undesirable behaviors like unsafe sex, drug use, crimes and sexual assaults.