Colorado Officials Finds Anomalies in DUI Blood Tests

Many people assume that chemical BAC test results are always accurate, but these tests are actually prone to a wide range of potential issues that can impact the results. Although blood tests are considered to be the most accurate form of blood alcohol testing, Colorado state officials have discovered anomalies in dozens of test results.

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Independent Testing Found Flaws

In November of 2015, a testing laboratory called ChemaTox was notified of a major discrepancy between their test results, and the results of tests conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This notification came from a DUI defense attorney, who had hired ChemaTox to test the blood sample of one of their clients.

ChemaTox reported the variances to the CBI in December, at which point the CBI launched an investigation with the state’s Department of Public Health. Of the more than 1,500 blood tests performed since July 1, 2015, anomalies were found in at least 56 cases.

Blood Testing Isn’t Perfect

While the CBI claims that there is no evidence of any wrongful DUI convictions based on these anomalies, inaccurate blood test results can often impact the outcome of a case. This is just the latest story about blood testing errors – in 2013, errors made at the Orange County Crime Lab led to more than 2,200 inaccurate test results.

Due to the potential inaccuracy of blood and other chemical BAC tests, it is crucial to retain a skilled Los Angeles DUI attorney if you have been arrested. Prosecutors will often rely on these questionable test results, and the even more suspicious results of field sobriety tests to secure a conviction. You need an attorney who knows how to pick apart these test results and other evidence.

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