5 Questions To Ask Your Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

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1. Do You Focus Solely On DUI?

There are a large number of law firms in L.A., many of whom will gladly take your DUI case. However, many of these lawyers are inexperienced with DUI, and many others focus their practice on other areas like divorce and estate planning. At Hutton & Wilson, our attorneys handle only DUI cases, and related cases such as vehicular homicide and license suspensions. We know DUI laws inside and out, and know how to beat the prosecution’s case.

2. Will My Case Be Handled By a Paralegal or Junior Associate?

Some law firms are more like sales offices – the founding attorney may be there in your initial consultation, but will quickly pass off your case to an associate when you retain them. At our firm, Attorneys Richard Hutton and Robert Wilson handle many cases together, forming one of L.A.’s most formidable DUI defense teams.

3. How Much Do You Know About Field Sobriety/Breathalyzer Tests?

In most DUI cases, the prosecution’s main weapon is the results of field sobriety or breathalyzer tests. Many people think these cannot be beaten – this is absolutely false. To beat these results, however, you need an attorney who thoroughly understands how these tests are supposed to be administered, as well as the science (or lack thereof) behind them.

4. Will You Fight For Me?

Many of the DUI lawyers in Los Angeles are known as “bleed & plead” attorneys, as they simply drain your bank account and advise you to plead guilty. In reality, you have many options, including pleading to a lesser charge, settling before trial, or fighting the charges entirely. At Hutton & Wilson, we will inform you of your options, and will advise you according to your best interests – not ours.

5. Do You Have Any Special Training/Accolades?

Awards are not a surefire indicator of a lawyer’s quality, but they can give you an idea of how respected they are by peers and clients. In 65 years of combined practice, Attorneys Hutton and Wilson have received countless awards and accolades. They are also among a select group of attorneys who have been certified as Criminal Law Specialists, a distinction which indicates their high standard of ethical and knowledgeable counsel.

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