Secret Service Agents Involved in DUI

Both of the Secret Service agents who were recently arrested for DUI are well-known to President Obama who made it very clear that he was disappointed in the officers’ conduct.

The two men are currently under investigation. They were allegedly driving in an impaired state when their car crashed near the White House. The two officers have been identified as Mark Connolly and George Ogilvie. Connolly is believed to be a senior officer in the President’s protective detail, while Ogilvie works in the Washington Field Office.

The DUI incident is believed to have occurred in an agency car, when the two men were returning from a party. They apparently drove through a line of plastic security tape, and crashed into a barrier. The security tape had been put in place to cordon off the scene of a suspicious package, and the men in their vehicle drove right through the security tape.

There was no damage in the accident, and no injuries occurred. However, the incident has raised a lot of concern not only in the White House office, but has also reached Congress. The concern is not only about the fact that the two special agents were driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, but also the fact that a uniformed division supervisor at the scene, decided to go against recommendations to conduct sobriety test of the two officers. The matter is under investigation.

The matter is likely to elicit even more attention, because of the fact that this is the latest in a series of security lapses by Secret Service officers.

In some cases, being arrested for DUI can mean the end of your professional career. You don’t necessarily have to be a Secret Service officer to be censured after DUI. If you are a teacher, working in public in any capacity, or in any kind of position of authority, you may find that you lose your job after a DUI incident. Speak to a Los Angeles DUI lawyer after a DUI Arrest.