Preventing DUI on St. Patrick's Day

Few days of the year with the possible exception of possibly the Fourth Of July or New Year's Eve, see as much DUI-related behavior on the roads as St. Patrick's Day. This beloved holiday is already upon us, which means a higher risk of DUI in the Los Angeles area after a St. Patrick's Day celebration.

The key to preventing a DUI arrest, not just on St. Patrick's Day, but on any other holiday of the year, is to plan in advance. Often, people end up driving after having a few alcoholic beverages, simply because they have not made any other alternate plans for transportation.

Plan ahead about how you're going to get home after the celebration. If you are out with a group of friends, see if one of them can remain sober, and designate him as the driver for the evening. If that is not possible, hire a designated driver service in the Los Angeles area. Look up online, and you will find for-hire driver services, that will drive you home in your car.

Also make sure that friends and family members remain sober too. It's important that you remain sober, but also ensure that no other friend gets into his car, while he's too intoxicated to drive.

Remember, you may have had just a few alcoholic beverages, but you can rate at a minimum of .08% in the breathalyzer test, which means that you are immediately arrested for DUI. If you can't keep off the alcohol on St. Patrick's Day, try to reduce alcohol intoxication. Eat a very good meal with your drinks. Eating heavily can help slow down the metabolism of alcohol in your system. Switch alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic beverages a few times, and space out your drinking so that you have just a few alcohol beverages over the space of a few hours.

For help defending yourself after a DUI arrest, speak to a Los Angeles DUI lawyer.