How to Stop Someone from Driving Drunk

Being Responsible When Others Aren't

Friends don't let friends drive drunk, because driving under the influence of alcohol can increase the risk of being arrested for a DUI. A DUI has several potentially serious consequences that can last over the long term, or even permanently.

It Is Easy To Make Mistakes

Avoid a situation where you are driving while intoxicated, and prevent friends from driving intoxicated. If you are in a situation, where you expect you and your friends to be too drunk to drive home safely later, make sure that you have a designated driver, whose job is to remain sober.

If that is not possible, then make other arrangements to get home safely. Under no circumstances, can you allow someone who is visibly drunk to get behind the wheel. Don't make the mistake of assuming that a person, who has drunk just a couple of alcoholic beverages, is not impaired. Sometimes, persons may overestimate their capacity to tolerate alcohol, and that can mean a drunk driving arrest.

How to Prevent Others From Drunk Driving

When trying to prevent the person from driving under the influence, it's important to be non- confrontational, and calm. Talk softly, calmly, and appear practical and logical. Confrontation only increases aggressiveness in the other person. It is important to talk slowly and calmly, and not to rattle off your thoughts. Remember, that the other person may not be a position to understand you very well.

Tell your friend that what you are you are doing is only for his or her benefit, because it will help avoid a DUI, and possibly even a drunk driving accident. Suggest ways that the other person can get home, without driving. Contact a taxi service, or arrange for a sober guest to drive the person home.

If necessary, even confiscate the person’s car keys.

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