Cinco De Mayo Ranked Higher Than St. Patrick's Day in Alcohol Consumption

Many people equate St. Patrick's Day with high alcohol consumption. Although St. Patrick's Day is a much beloved Irish holiday which sees a lot of alcohol consumption, the holiday ranks nowhere near Cinco De Mayo when it comes to the amount of alcohol that is guzzled.

In fact, there are several holidays in the year that rank much higher than St. Patrick's Day when it comes to drinking, and at top of the list is the Labor Day weekend followed closely by Fourth Of July and New Years Eve. Father's Day also makes it to the list of the most alcohol-heavy holidays. Cinco De Mayo is at number 3 and St. Patrick's Day is way down the list at number 10. Super Bowl Sunday is also another major alcohol-heavy weekend that sees an increase in alcohol-related behaviors, including drunk driving.

Holidays are also when many motorists need to be very aware of the amount of alcohol they consume. Major holiday weekends see a heavy concentration of police officers and sobriety checkpoints. Your risk of being pulled over and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol is much heavier on a holiday weekend. Don't take chances when you're driving on a holiday. Either completely avoid drinking, or make sure that someone is in charge of driving you home after the festivities.

Make no mistake. Police officers will be out specifically looking for drunk drivers, and will spare no one they believe is driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, do not delay. Get in touch with a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer immediately.