Woman in Trouble after Facebook Post during Probation

The perils of social media are far too many to count, especially if you have recently been arrested or charged with DUI. Far too many people make the mistake of engaging in indiscreet behaviors on social media that can get them into trouble. One young girl, who managed to pass a breathalyzer test during her probation but later admitted to drinking on Facebook, has learned this the hard way.

The woman in Michigan had been stopped by officers to take a breathalyzer test on St. Patrick's Day. The woman was already on probation and under the terms of the probation, she was required to avoid drinking alcohol. However, she managed to pass the breathalyzer test. She later went on Facebook, and posted that she had been drinking but had managed to pass the breathalyzer test.

Nothing that you post on social media is private. News of her drinking, spread, and actually managed to reach the probation office. She got a call from a probation officer, asking her to come in for a urine test. The young woman panicked, and hung up the phone. That actually made things worse, because it was a violation of her probation.

Now, she is expected to face up to 93 days in jail. What makes it worse was that the woman was just a few days away from the end of her probation, when she engaged in such indiscreet behavior.

Far too many people assume that what they post on Facebook is only limited or restricted to their circle of friends. That is not true at all. There are friends of friends who can be privy to what you post, and privacy settings are not so stringent that they can help you get out of sticky situations like the one that this woman got herself into.