US Secret Service Considers Stringent DUI Rules

Among those occupations in which it would be considered absolutely unacceptable to be drunk on the job, would be the position of a US Secret Service agent. The United States Secret Service is believed to be closely looking at more stringent rules for alcohol consumption for members of its staff.

That measure comes after a couple of incidents recently which involved intoxicated agents. In one of those cases, agents were involved in a car accident in Florida. The accident which was related to alcohol use occurred just before the President's family was due to arrive in the area.

The other incident was linked to an all-night drinking session involving members of the Presidential protection detail in Amsterdam. During the Presidential trip to Europe, several members of the SS staff were found to have spent all night drinking, and were sent home.

The Secret Service has now announced that approximately two dozen members of its staff will be reassigned following those incidents. The agency says that it has made an assessment of the incidents, and has taken these measures in response.

Now, the agency is believed to be looking very closely at alcohol policies in the workplace. The Secret Service currently has a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct, and has some of the most stringent codes and policies for alcohol use. Currently, officers are banned from drinking within 12 hours of reporting for duty. They're also banned from drinking 24 hours before the arrival of the President at any location.

Certain jobs come with a much higher price for being intoxicated on the job or drunk driving compared to others. For instance, if you are in a position of authority, work as a public official, or in a government capacity, you're much more likely to face long-term consequences of your DUI.