Man Arrested after Showing up Intoxicated to Anti-DUI Event

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a major mistake at any other time, and even more so when you are on your way to an event that is especially being held to campaign against DUI. Recently, police officers in Maryland arrested A man for drunk driving, after he appeared at a anti-drunk driving forum in an intoxicated state.

The event had been especially established to connect drunk driving offenders with victims of alcohol-related car accidents. According to the police, the 66-year-old man showed up at the forum that included an alcohol-related car accident victim impact panel. The man seemed to be visibly intoxicated as he stumbled across to the sign- in table, and one of the deputy officers noticed that he was showing signs of alcohol intoxication.

The man had apparently driven to the event with a 34-year-old man, who had been convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol, and had been required to show up at the forum. Both of the men were found to have been drinking just before they reached the event, and when police searched the car, they found that the car had an open container of alcohol as well as a cooler of beer. The 66-year-old male was charged with DUI, and both the men were later charged with consumption of alcohol on a public property.

Often, DUI offenses like these are the result of a lack of judgment, and foolhardiness. Many persons don't realize that DUI can be a serious offense, and that once you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, the charges don't disappear easily. There are criminal charges that can be filed, as well as appearances before the Department Of Motor Vehicles to make, if you are to retain your driver’s license.