High Risk of DUI during Spring Break

College students preparing to enjoy themselves this spring break must understand that their risks of being arrested for DUI spike dramatically during this time.

Underage drinking and driving is definitely a huge problem in California, and being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol when you're not yet 21 years of age, can have an effect on your driving record. An underage DUI conviction can also reflect very poorly on your record, and may affect your higher education prospects.

According to Mothers against Drunk Driving, teenagers who manage to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, find that one of their biggest challenges in avoiding intoxicated driving is the heavy peer pressure that they are under. When you are in high school or college, it can be very tempting to give in to peer pressure from your friends and indulge in dangerous behaviour.

Mothers against Drunk Driving has tips for teenagers who want to avoid drinking and resist peer pressure. The group recommends that teenagers practice simple responses to such pressure. For instance, you can just tell your friends that drinking is not for you, and it's not what you want. Be frank, forthright and honest, and inform your friends that you do not drink, and thank them for offering.

You can also choose alternative alternatives like soda, so that you are not the only one at the party without a glass in your hand. You can also make excuses for avoiding drinking. Tell your friends that you do not like the taste of alcohol.

It's important to understand that the decisions you make today, can severely impact your future. Too many young lives have been ruined for years, or even permanently, because of one mistake made during college.