Risk of DUI Arrests Highest on Major Holidays

Your risk of being arrested for DUI is much higher during major or national holidays. That isn't exactly news to any DUI defense lawyer in Los Angeles, but new statistics released by a breathalyzer manufacturer only confirm this fact.

The data was released by BACtrack which manufactures smartphone breathalyzers for personal use. According to the data, the most alcohol-heavy holiday of the year is the New Year's Eve holiday, in which the BAC measured using BACtrack was.095. In second place was Super Bowl Sunday, with an average breathalyzer reading of .087, and Valentine's Day with an average rating of .081.

Strangely enough, the amount of drinking that happened on Mother's Day exceeded the drinking on other alcohol-holidays like St. Patrick's Day. On Mother's Day, the average blood alcohol concentration level measured on these apps was .069, and on St. Patrick's Day, the average reading was .057.

There are currently a number of breathalyzer apps and breathalyzers that are available on the market, but the ones that are manufactured by BACtrack are considered to be the most reliable and the most popular. According to the data, most of the people who use these apps used them on themselves. That means that people are becoming smarter about avoiding driving under the influence of alcohol, when they have a breathalyzer that measures and give them a reading for their blood-alcohol concentration. Approximately 15% of the breathalyzer tests were conducted on friends.

According to BACtrack, the highest blood-alcohol concentration reading that was recorded on the app between April 2013 and April 2014 was recorded on June 22, 2013. The reading was .115%. The lowest blood alcohol concentration was recorded on Tuesdays, while the highest was recorded on Saturdays, followed closely by Fridays and Sundays.