Uber Is Turning out to Be a Drunk Driver’s Best Friend

Research seems to indicate that intoxicated motorists, or even partiers who are not sure whether they are legally allowed to drive, are making use of taxi service app Uber. Data released by Uber seems to suggest that many motorists are using the app not only to go out, but also to avoid a DUI.

The data specifically focused on the state of Pennsylvania, which had the fourth highest number of DUI fatalities last year. According to Uber, it found a fairly inconsistent pattern of the use of the app in among cities. For instance in Philadelphia, the data found that the use of the app on Saturday nights was approximately five times as high, as peak traffic rates on Monday night. However, in Pittsburgh, the app was rarely used, except on weekends.

More data is needed to find out to find out whether drunk drivers are turning to Uber to find a taxi service near them, instead of taking the risk of a DUI arrest. It's also worth asking whether many designated drivers are now feeling free to drink alcohol because they know that they can use the app to find a taxi near them.

Uber isn't the only taxi app out there. Motorists can also use Lyft to find a service near them. Questions about whether these apps can help reduce the risk of drunk driving have been around for a while now. The benefits from these apps are clear. Pub -hopping dwellers, who may be too intoxicated by the time they hit the last bar can simply use the app to take a taxi home. That means a much lower risk of driving under the influence of alcohol.