Name Dropping May Not Help You Avoid a DUI Arrest

When police officers pull you over, they are doing so with the intention of getting a positive reading, and arresting you for DUI. It's not likely that you can flaunt your connections to get away, as one New York model found out recently.

The model, Dana Tomanovich was recently arrested for DUI by officers in New York. The arrest occurred after the model was involved in an accident. She crashed her car in West Village late at night. When police officers responded to the scene of the accident, they found that she showed several signs of intoxication. Her eyes were bleary and red, and she could barely walk straight.

According to the officers who responded at the scene, Tomanovich began resisting arrest, claiming that she was friends with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. She told one of the female officers that she could either get the officer fired, or even transferred with her influential connections. When the officers administered a breathalyzer test, they found that she first registered at .159, which is close to twice the legally permissible limit of .08. They then administered another breathalyzer, on which she registered at .112. Tomanovich was arrested for DUI, and then released without bail.

Michael Bloomberg's office has not commented yet on this issue.

However, this provides an example that Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys would like to use to illustrate that name -dropping or flaunting your connections to police officers, who pull you over on suspicion of DUI, is unlikely to get you anywhere. When police officers pull year over, they are very committed to making an arrest, and no amount of pressure is going to deter them from the task. When you namedrop, it will go down in the criminal complaint, and won’t look so great when it comes out in court.

If you are arrested for DUI, avoid making excuses. Don’t say much, and get in touch with a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney.