Multiple Penalties Await Drunk Driver Who Impersonated Owl on a Tree

A drunk motorist was arrested recently for his third drunk driving offense after causing an accident, and is due for some stringent penalties. However, this is not a case that would've garnered much media attention, if the motorist in this case had stayed at the scene of the accident to begin with.

The drama began when the motorist lost control of his car as he was driving under the influence of alcohol, and crashed into a snow bank. Police officers were already chasing him at this point, and when the car crashed, the driver simply abandoned his vehicle, and ran off into the woods. Police officers organized a search party, and went into the woods. They found the man, perched high up in a tree. However, even after being caught, the man did not give up without a fight. He called out to the police officers from his position 30 feet high upon the tree, asking them if they had managed to catch the evading drunk driver yet. He then informed the police officers very calmly that he was an owl, and that the drunk driver had managed to carry him up the tree on his back.

Finally, officers brought in a bucket truck to extricate the drunk motorist from the tree, after which he was arrested. Officers have charged him with third time drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident, resisting arrest, failing to stop for police and disturbing peace. His record of previous DUI convictions as well as his refusal to take a breathalyzer test, means that the penalties that he now faces are serious. In fact, he is looking at a license suspension of at least five years, and a jail term.