How to Prevent a DUI Arrest over the Holiday Season

The holiday season is busy season for Los Angeles DUI lawyers. This holiday season, you are at a much higher risk of being pulled over by police officers, administered a breathalyzer, and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Many people underestimate the drinking that they do over the festive season. You might also believe that you have a much better capacity to tolerate your drinks than you actually do. If you believe that, you are likely in for a nasty surprise when you are arrested for DUI. Try to monitor the drinking that you do over the festive season. Try to maintain a count not just of the alcohol beverages that you have consumed, but the strength of the alcohol.

Also try to balance your alcoholic beverages with nonalcoholic options. That will make sure that you always have a glass in your hand, without increasing your risk of being arrested for DUI on the way home.

If you are drinking, try to avoid driving home. Get a cab, or ask someone to drive you home. If possible, ask if you can stay over at the venue of your festivities. If that isn't possible either, and if you're not certain about how much alcohol you have drunk, it's best to avoid routes that will have checkpoints.

Avoid alcohol intoxication in your system. Eat a good meal with your alcohol. Alcohol metabolizes much slower when you have had a complete meal. That means the alcohol is absorbed very slowly into the system, and therefore, you will have a reduced risk of alcohol intoxication.

Don't depend too heavily on metabolism indices, like the “one drink per hour” rule. Many persons assume that having one drink per hour will lower alcohol intoxication. That may be true to some extent, but it is not something that you can rely on completely to prevent a DUI arrest this season.