Los Angeles Police Commander Removed after DUI Arrest

If you work in professions that involve public authority and responsibility, then you are likely to find that your employment is under a cloud if you are arrested for DUI. In Los Angeles, the captain of a Los Angeles Police Department has been removed as commander after he was arrested recently for DUI.

The Los Angeles Police Department veteran is believed to be no longer running the Rampart station. Pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings that were filed against him, he has been given a non-field assignment.

He was arrested by the California Highway Patrol on US 101, on May 30, although there is very little information released about the circumstances of his arrest. There is also no information about how he rated on the field sobriety and breathalyzers that were administered at the scene of the arrest.

The officer was not taken to jail as is normally done in the circumstances. However, his vehicle was impounded, and he was released to the care of a friend or family member. The police officer is believed to have been a commanding officer of the Rampart Station at least since 2009. He's is also believed to be a 25-year veteran of the police department since 25 years.

Already questions are being raised about the conduct of the officers who arrested him. They failed to arrest and book the commander in connection with the DUI. Typically, Los Angeles DUI lawyers find that persons who register above .08 on a breathalyzer test, or fail a sobriety test are taken to jail. That did not happen in this case which has raised more than a few eyebrows.