College Women More Likely to Drink Excessively

Binge drinking is widely prevalent in American colleges, and contributes to a number of undesirable practices, including underage DUI. However, while many people are aware that binge drinking- the drinking or consumption of five or more alcoholic beverages during a single session -is dangerous, there isn't a lot of attention paid to the fact that drinking excessively on a weekly basis can also be dangerous. A new study finds that college women are much more likely to drink excessively on a weekly basis, compared to males.

Typically, male college students are much more likely to drink excessively, and indulge in undesirable alcohol-related practices like driving under the influence, and committing crimes and assaults. Male college students have traditionally been more likely to be arrested for DUI compared to female students.

However, research by the Massachusetts General Hospital's Center for Addiction Medicine found that female students are much more likely to drink excessively when you consider weekly levels of drinking. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism guidelines hold a maximum restriction of no more than three drinks on any single day, and a maximum of seven drinks during the week for women.

However, the research found that women were frequently crossing those limits. For men, the guidelines by the National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism prescribe a maximum of four drinks in a day and 14 drinks per week. Those differences in alcohol consumption for genders are based on cut-off points for disease risks.

The researchers conclude that many women are probably drinking beyond their excessive weekly levels, because of lack of awareness about these limits. That means a higher risk of intoxication and a greater risk of being arrested for DUI.