New NHTSA Anti- DUI Campaign Uses RoboCop as Protagonist

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just upped the stakes in its latest anti-drunk driving enforcement campaign. The campaign features RoboCop,who has been enlisted to remind you to avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol this holiday season.

The new ad is part of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over ad campaign that typically marks the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s annual holiday drunk driving crackdown. The crackdown is expected to continue over the New Year’s Eve, and this year's campaign is coinciding with the release of the RoboCop movie. The part ad, part movie trailer is certain to capture attention over the holiday season.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration knows it needs new tactics to reach out to motorists, and reduce the incidence of drunk driving. Statistics seem to indicate that the progress that has been made in reducing the number of drunk driving accidents across the country, seems to be plateauing. These declines don't seem to be as significant as they were earlier. There has been more focus on distracted driving, many motorists seem to be missing the message that drunk driving is still very dangerous, and in fact, can be more dangerous than distracted driving.

Over the holiday season, your risks of being arrested for DUI increase dramatically. There are more task forces, police patrols, and sobriety checkpoints than during other times of the year. If you are out partying, then don't plan on driving home, even if you have had just a few alcoholic beverages. There are quite a few breathalyzer apps that are available on the market that you can use to determine the correct blood-alcohol concentration level you need for safe driving. These breathalyzer apps will not be 100% accurate, but they can do a fairly reasonable job of alerting you to high alcohol levels. Alternatively, hitch a ride, call a cab or use public transport.