Cops Score Hat-Trick as Drunk Friends Arrive to Pick up Motorist Arrested for DUI

This is the time of the year when law enforcement agencies are looking to increase their tally of DUI arrests, and often, people just make it easy for cops to do so.

For instance, in New Jersey recently, cops scored an unexpected DUI hat trick. They first arrested one woman, after cops found her swerving her car early in the morning. She was arrested and taken to the police station. She called a friend to pick her up from the police station. However, when the friend arrived at the station, cops noticed that she seemed not completely sober either. She seemed unsteady while filling out the paperwork, and was administered a sobriety test. She failed the test, and was charged with DUI. Apart from the DUI charge, the friend was also charged with drug crimes, because she had Vicodin tablets in a purse.

In what seems like something out of a really campy movie, now there were two women charged with DUI, and no one to take them home. They called a common friend, and when the friend reached the police station - you guessed it- he was found to be under the influence of alcohol too. According to the police officers, he displayed very clear signs of intoxication. Officers administered a field sobriety test to him too, and he failed.

It took a while and some more calls before the three managed to find one sober friend who was able to come to the police station to pick up all three of them.

This is the time of the year, when police officers are out on a mission to target drivers that they believe are under the influence of alcohol, and behavior like this will almost certainly lead to an arrest.