Why Males Are Much More Susceptible to DUI Arrest

Men constitute a much higher proportion of DUI arrests every year, compared to females. A new study seems to indicate why.

According to the research, men are much more likely to take risks after drinking alcohol. They're much more likely to engage in rash behaviors, when they are drinking and driving. They're likely to make risky choices that simply increase the risk of a DUI arrest.

Typically, non-impaired people are much more likely to avoid making decisions in which the outcomes are not certain. However, when a person is under the influence of alcohol, he is much more likely to choose unknown odds. For instance, males may find themselves much more likely to take the risk of driving themselves home while alcohol-impaired, even though they are aware that it would be safer and more responsible to take a cab.

What was really interesting about the study is that researchers found that this increased risk- taking tendency seemed to be more pronounced in males only. Women were much more likely to bet on 50/50 odds, but males were much more likely to choose riskier odds, with an increase in alcohol impairment. In other words, the drunker the man, the more likely he was to take risks.

One of the riskier behaviors that you can engage in after drinking alcohol, is driving a motor vehicle. Not only does that place you at risk of an alcohol-related car accident, but it also raises your risk of a DUI arrest that comes with stringent penalties under California law. If you have been arrested for DUI, speak to a Los Angeles DUI attorney.