DUI Classes

In California, a DUI education program may be added to your list of penalties, when you are convicted of drunk driving. The duration of the program may depend on the severity of the offense, and whether it was a first offense, or a repeat offense.

You will be required to pay for the classes. For a first offense DUI conviction, and a blood-alcohol concentration of between .08 and .19, you may be required to undergo a 15 week DUI program. These DUI classes are specifically designed to raise awareness and educate participants about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. They are also designed to help you prevent a repeat offense.

DUI classes are mandated for all persons who are convicted of DUI in California. No matter whether you are a first offender, or have repeat offenses on your list, or what level of blood-alcohol concentration, as long as it is above .08%, you will be required to take a DUI education class. The cost of the program could be a minimum $1,000. If you're caught driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of more than .20, you will be required to take as many as 60 hours of DUI classes.

DUI classes can be expensive, and are a mandated part of sentencing for DUI offenses in California. Speak to a DUI defense attorney in Los Angeles as soon as you are arrested for drunk driving. Don't admit to police officers that you had just a few alcohol beverages before driving, and don't admit your offense to get away with lighter charges. Officers will promise you lower charges, in return for your cooperation, but these are tactics to get a confession.