DUI and the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the year’s most alcohol-heavy days. In fact, according to some estimates, approximately 325,000,000 gallons of beer will be consumed during this year's Super Bowl. That works out to more than a gallon of beer for every person in the country. It also works out to more than enough beer to fill up to fill a swimming pool.

Drunk driving arrests, not surprisingly, increase over Super Bowl Sunday. According to some estimates, drunk driving arrests Increase by as much as 15% on Super Bowl Sunday compared to other cities. However, the risk of getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday is more or less the same as for other alcohol-heavy holidays of the year, like New Year's Eve.

To avoid being arrested for DUI over Super Bowl Sunday, make arrangements to get home safe. Hire a designated driver service. There are designated driver services in the Los Angeles region that will pick you up from your venue, and drive you back home in your own car for a fee. Ridesharing apps like Uber are also highly in demand over Super Bowl. In fact, Uber claims that it's ridesharing app has contributed to a significant reduction in the number of drunk driving arrests in California. Use one of these apps or others like Lyft to find a ride near you.

If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, say as little as possible, and speak to a Los Angeles DUI lawyer immediately. It's important that you don't panic and admit to drinking during the game. Don't make the mistake of believing that officers will let you go free if you admit that you only drank two beers before driving.