Videos Show Florida Drivers Refusing to Speak to Police at Checkpoints

A revolution of sorts is underway in Florida, where motorists at DUI checkpoints are simply refusing to roll down their windows for police officers. They are uploading videos of their experiences, and many of the videos are becoming very popular.

The entire evolution seems to have been kicked off by a lawyer, who has created and distributed flyers, advising motorists about how they can reduce the risks of being arrested for DUI at a checkpoint. The lawyer’s flyer clearly states - I remain silent. No searches. I want my lawyer.

Florida motorists are simply holding up the flyer at DUI checkpoints. The officers simply examine the flyer, and send the man on his way. There's clearly a legal loophole in the system that the lawyer is exploiting in this case. It also seems to be working. Motorists, who are being allowed to go through DUI checkpoints like this without talking to officers and without rolling down their windows, are uploading videos of their experiences.

One video that has been uploaded to YouTube shows a similar exchange between a police officer and a driver from inside a minivan. The video has actually garnered more than 2.2 million views. Many motorists are following this example, and are simply refusing to roll down the glass, or talk to police officers at checkpoints.

According to the creators of the flyer, DUI checkpoints are a clear violation of motorists’ constitutional rights. They maintain that many people are arrested for DUI at checkpoints, when they are not legally intoxicated at all. According to the flyer, motorists at a DUI checkpoint in Florida have to show police officers their legal documents, but do not have to physically hand them over. Therefore, motorists are advised to simply show their license and other documents at the window, so that officers can see them.