Man Arrested Four Times for DUI over 30-Hour Period

This has to be one of the most prolific DUI arrest records that Los Angeles DUI lawyers have come across. A man in Rhode Island was arrested four separate times recently, over a span of just 30 hours for driving under the influence of alcohol.

In fact, according to the police, the man managed to chalk up four separate arrests at four different times when he was driving four separate vehicles. The first arrest involving the 53-year-old man occurred on a Sunday afternoon soon after he was involved in an accident. He crashed his pickup truck into an SUV.

The second arrest occurred early Monday morning, and the man’s blood-alcohol level at the time was found to be .22 which is close to three times the legal limit. He was released into the custody of his father. Just a few hours later, a police officer spotted the same man, now driving a Plymouth Barracuda, driving erratically. He was pulled over, and officers noticed signs that he was intoxicated. He was released from police custody into the hospital. At around 5 PM the same Monday, he left the hospital, and as he was driving back, he crashed his car into a tree and sustained minor injuries. In all of the four instances, he was released without bail.

It's not every day that Los Angeles DUI lawyers come across clients who have been arrested multiple times for DUI in the span of just over a day. However, multiple DUI arrests do have stringent penalties attached. If you have been pulled over for drunk driving, and this was not the first time you were arrested for DUI, it's very important that you get in touch with a Los Angeles DUI lawyer to avoid yet another conviction on your record.