Former Cop Arrested Twice for DUI in 11 Hours

A cop being arrested for DUI is nothing new, but still manages to shock. In Connecticut, a former police officer was arrested not once, but twice for DUI over a period of 11 hrs. Not just that, just before the first DUI arrest, he had made his appearance at a courtroom on an earlier drunk driving charge.

The police officer had quit the Bridgeport Police Department after a conviction for reckless endangerment in 2006. Those charges were related to an incident that occurred back in 2004, when he went on an alcohol-fueled rampage, and began firing his gun randomly. According to residents at the housing complex where the incident took place, he pointed a weapon at their heads, and threatened to shoot them.

He quit the Department soon after, but his troubles with the law continued. Although he was acquitted of any serious charges in the housing complex incident,, he did receive a suspended sentence. In July earlier this year, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and appeared in a court earlier this week facing DUI charges related to that arrest.

However, that same afternoon, he was arrested in the parking of a McDonald's restaurant after failing a sobriety check, and then again the same night, was stopped and charged once again for DUI when he was driving in another area of town.

If you're convicted more than once for DUI, your penalties automatically become even more serious. It's vital that you speak to a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles, if you have been arrested and already have a DUI conviction on your record. Penalties can include not just heftier jail times, but also community service, alcohol education programs, and a suspension of your license. The duration of license suspension can depend on the number of prior arrests on your record.