Teens Miss Prom after Being Forced to Take Breathalyzer Tests

A group of Florida teenagers who were all dressed up and excited about their high school prom, were not able to enjoy the event after all. The reason? They were all - 40 of them - subjected to breathalyzer tests after an empty champagne bottle was found in the private bus that had been chartered for the occasion.

The 40 students had chartered a private bus for the most important night of the year. They were all dressed up, but when they arrived at the prom venue, they were told that they could not enter the venue because an empty champagne bottle had been found in the bus. All of the students were then subjected to a breathalyzer test. By the time the last student had been through the test, it was too late. It was midnight, and the prom was already over.

Not surprisingly, the students are extremely disappointed, and parents have been very critical about the school's decision to subject each and every person who was on that bus to a breathalyzer test. The parents believe that this was excessive, especially since the teenagers made it very clear to the authorities that the champagne bottle did not belong to them, but to the previous occupants of the bus. The teenagers had spent good money to rent a private charter bus for the occasion, and according to the parents, none of the teenagers would have risked jeopardizing their evening by drinking on the bus.

These teenagers seem to be good outstanding high school students, according to the parents, the school overreacted in this case. The school on its part has defended its actions by saying that it has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol, and that it had made all of the students attending the prom sign a policy. According to the policy, any teenager suspected of drinking would be required to take a breathalyzer.