Health Risks Lead to Reversal of Approval of Freeze-Dried Alcohol

A powdered, freeze-tried alcohol product which had been earlier been approved by a federal agency, has lost its approval. According to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, the labels for Palcohol, a powdered alcohol had been approved earlier this month. However, that decision has now been rescinded. According to the agency, the approval had been issued “in error.”

It clearly seems that the health and safety risks associated with Palcohol are linked to the federal agency's decision to reverse its approval. It's rare that an agency will actually reverse its approval in this manner, and the agency has definitely considered the high likelihood that the product will be misused.

The powdered alcohol is sold in sachets that weigh less than 1 ounce each, and the convenience of Palcohol is one of its biggest selling features. It is extremely portable, and the company has, in fact, promoted this feature on its website, claiming that the sachets can easily be carried into any stadium, or concert venue. The powder must be mixed with water to create an instant alcoholic cocktail, like a margarita or a cosmopolitan, with the same effects as traditional alcohol.

The powdered alcohol could still get approval. According to regulators, they will reevaluate the amount of powder that is contained in each sachet so that there is no risk of misinformation causing a risk to consumers.

Even with those revised labels, Los Angeles DUI lawyers believe that there is a high risk of misuse of the product, especially among teenagers and young drinkers who may not be responsible enough to use a product like this safely. Besides, there is also the risk that persons may try to snort the powder to give themselves an immediately intoxicating effect.