Stylish Breathalyzer Hits the Market

A range of personal breathalyzers are now available on the market, and each of them is designed to help you determine whether your alcohol intoxication levels are high enough to warrant a DUI arrest. Yet another breathalyzer has now joined the lineup in the market, and this one is designed to be extremely stylish and not resemble a breathalyzer at all.

The breathalyzer is called Aura, and it functions just like almost any other breathalyzer in the market. However, what the manufacturers are hoping will boost the sales of this new breathalyzer, is that it is very stylish and does not look like a breathalyzer at all.

Using Aura is similar to using any other breathalyzer. You blow into the breathalyzer for a few seconds, and it gives a reading of your blood alcohol content. In fact, while other breathalyzers provide even more enticing features like an app that will actually call a cab for you, Aura does no such thing.

However, it is very neat to look at, and the design is aimed at helping the consumer, who doesn't fancy whipping out a professional- looking breathalyzer at a bar to measure his alcohol content. Let's face it. No one wants to be seen hanging around with a device that looks like something a cop would have in his hand. The Aura however is far from a regular breathalyzer redesign, and is very unobtrusive. It measures just 2 inches in diameter and half inch in thickness, and can easily be concealed in your pocket.

In other words, this is a sleek and compact gadget that delivers minimal function, but may be ideal for people who do not really fancy walking around with a clunky breathalyzer in their pocket.