Man Arrested for DUI after Wrong Way Accident

Wrong way driving accidents are some of the most catastrophic accidents, and are very often the result of driving under the influence of alcohol. A recent such accident is also being linked to DUI. The accident resulted in one fatality and several other injuries.

The accident occurred in San Francisco, when the motorist driving under the influence of alcohol traveled the wrong way onto US Highway 101. As a result, his vehicle crashed into an SUV taxicab. One of the passengers in the taxicab was ejected from the car, and was killed instantly. Another passenger in the car suffered serious injuries. The driver of the taxicab was also hospitalized.

The driver of the car that was traveling north in the southbound lanes also suffered major injuries. He has been considered as under arrest on suspicion of DUI. Police are waiting for him to be medically cleared, before they press charges against him, and put him in County jail.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a major contributor to car accidents in the United States. In fact, it contributes to the second highest number of fatalities every year in car accidents. Not surprisingly, tolerance levels for driving under the influence of alcohol are extremely low to minimum. That is why there is widespread public revulsion for people who drive under the influence of alcohol, especially when such behavior contributes to a serious or fatal accident that harms others.

Besides, charges of felony DUI which are typically filed if a person is involved in a fatal or injurious accident caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, are automatically more serious. These felony DUI charges are the highest degree of DUI charges, and come with stiff penalties attached.