Study Finds Societal Pressures Root of Binge Drinking

There has been a lot of research conducted into binge drinking involving college students and underage drinkers. Most of these studies have pointed to the role of societal pressure in contributing to binge drinking in this category of drinkers. However, new research finds that societal pressure may be the foundation of binge drinking, and not just a contributing factor.

The research was conducted by scientists at Flinders University, who investigated the reasons why young females drink. The research found that social and cultural norms did not just play a major part in cultivating to binge drinking involving young females, but actually were the foundation for such behavior.

The research involved groups of young teenage females between the age of 14 and 17. They were given digital cameras, and asked to document their drinking life in a series of pictures.

In the preliminary findings, the researchers found that young people’s drinking behaviors were not exactly influenced by peer pressure, but were much more likely to be driven by the need to exhibit behavior that fits into social and cultural norms. The study found that for many young people, drinking related behaviors including the types and numbers of drinks that a person consumes, is very strongly linked to their relationships, their friendships and other factors.

For these people, it seems socially desirable to drink a certain way, or certain types of drinks. The study found that in these females, drinking socially, became a valuable behavior that ultimately relied not on peer pressure, but on the individual's own perceived need to fit into social norms.

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